This Guy Gets Around
Most standup comedians are well-traveled, but Geechy Guy is taking things to a whole new level. Back in January, Geechy decided to begin a whirlwind tour in which he'd try to hit as many cities as he could as quickly as he could. Follow his progress by checking out his tour dates, and maybe, just maybe, he's headed to a city near you.

Who Needs a Map?
Let Geechy Be Your Guide

Maps, GPS Systems, seeing eye dogs, who needs 'em? All these relics are a thing of the past now that you can let Geechy Guy be your guide in a segment he likes to call, uh, The Geechy Guide. As Geech travels the country, he'll provide commentary, fun facts and sight seeing tips about all the places he's been. So delete MapQuest from your favorites, this page is the only bookmark you need. Click on link below to hear audio from a Live Reading on the BOB&TOM Show

Geechy Guide #1: Key West

Geechy Has been featured on six different BOB&TOM Albums including their most recent project ManBoobs!

Want to watch Geechy perform in BOB&TOM's world famous Laugh Hole Comedy Club? You're in luck, here it is!
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